Be Positive in everything you do

Even when crud happens in your life, remain positive. Try to see the silver lining in everything. It’s there when you look hard enough. Keep doing this and one day you will realize it just comes natural to you. It becomes a part of your mindset.
habits can be changed,even habits of always seeing the negative.

Here is an example… I woke up to my cat acting funny the other morning and he kept wanting me to follow him downstairs. I decided I better go see what he wanted.

He wanted to let me know he didnt like the water spraying out of the pipe on the sump pump. I called repair man. The silver lining in this… is it was a quick and in expensive fix.

Today woke up to the furnace making such a loud humming noise that neither cat would even go downstairs! Called repair man.. this was not an in expensive fix… but it could of been worse. My silver lining…it will keep on warming our house a few more years, I have warning to save up the money for a new furnance and … it could of been worse!

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