Don’t Wait or Hesitate

I turned fifty three months ago. It wasn’t a hard age to accept, at least not while getting presents, a party and funny cards. Now living life with that number in my mind… that’s where it gets tricky.

50+ 20 = 70… in twenty years, I will turn seventy. Seems impossible. Hard to wrap my head around. Not that 70 is old… its the new 60. Its just a number right?

When you start looking at your life and your goals you want to accomplish. It seems HUGE if you haven’t accomplished what you want yet. Not saying I haven’t accomplished things, because I have according to friends and family. But that’s not in my mind.

My mind is still running a list over and over… each year that passes… each month, week, day… did you do this, this and this?

I am going to start embracing the fact that 50 is my “don’t wait or hesitate” time. The time is now. There are so many places to go, things to see and do. So many people to meet and impact in a positive way.


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