Are you Listening?


People will read this, but how many really KNOW WHAT IT SAYS???
If you arent feeling successful in your business, yet others ARE…its not the business… its YOU… Change your mindest! If you don’t… a new business is NOT GOING TO MAKE YOU MONEY EITHER!
When you SPEAK, WRITE OR TYPE… read it out loud and change the word “I” to “YOU” and pretend someone is saying THOSE WORDS TO YOU! Because guess what?? YOUR MIND HEARS IT LIKE S0MEONE IS!!
When you say “I am not good, I am not successful,I dont understand, I am frusterated, I am lost.”

Here is what your mind hears.. and pretend this is your CHILD OR SPOUSE saying this to you “You are not good” You are not successful” “You dont understand”… get the picture???

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