WOW!! I just got my facebook update of memories from 2014….This is what it was…Intercept from Twisted Minds:due out this Spring

I explode into a frenzy of cuss words, screaming at the top of my lungs that they have all gone insane and I am leaving!
One of the doctors takes a syringe out of the pocket of his white coat.  As he starts moving towards me, I realize his intent.  I grab hold of my closest crutch and swing it at him, trying to knock the syringe out of his hand.
He falls to the ground, due to my crutch, making contact with his arm.
I start getting out of my chair, when the other two doctors grab me and one of them jabs my arm hard with something sharp.
My last coherent thought is of my dream that morning and how I should of just kept running.

This was due out a few Springs ago…but GUESS WHAT? 
TODAY I SIGN A BOOK DEAL, to get  TWISTED HEARTS edited and re published and…”TWISTED MINDS” will be published by the end of May and then “TWISTED SOULS” 3 to 4 months on its heels!!!
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