Forgiving Me

Recently I have been led to look back on my life and look inside myself. I thought I had forgiven everyone in my past who had ever hurt me. I was wrong, I missed one person that I hadn’t yet forgiven. Who is that person? It’s Me. I had yet to forgive myself.

I had forgiven myself for wrongs I had done to others, but I hadn’t forgiven myself for hurting me, thru words I called or thought of myself. Words like, stupid, clumsy, lazy, or even things I told myself,” I am not good enough to do that”
“I will fail, again.” “I will get myself back into debt, because that’s just what I tend to do.”

I needed to see, how harming that self speak is and how my past thinking still played over and over like a record in my subconscious. Granted I don’t hear those words anymore in my mind, but they were there stuck on replay in my subconscious mind.

I took the steps needed to heal and forgive myself of allowing my subconscious to believe anything negative about myself. Why keep thinking bad, unhappy, negative thoughts, when I know I can change that? I am using positive affirmations, meditation and the law of attraction to get myself unblocked, forgiven and back on track living my life in a positive and self nurturing way.

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