You have to ASK for forgiveness…

I am feeling led to pray for CONVICTION, KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM for everyone who reads this.
I see so many who are praying for God to take away desires of drinking, porn, homosexuality, unclean thoughts and desires.

From personal experience…if you have opened up the door to drinking, porn, homosexuality, witchcraft through the use of ouji boards, astrology, partaking in watching porn, acts of homosexuality, drinking, drugs, yoga, reiki, numerology….to name a few….
Giving the devil an invitation to mess with you, your family and your life….
You need to use the weapons the Lord provided for you…..
The Bible tells us we will cast out demons.
When we open the door to unclean spirits and sin knowingly…we HAVE to have the bondage broke off of us in the name of Jesus.
Sin separates us from God…when we are separated…we are NOT UNDER GOD’S PROTECTION.

We must confess our sins and ask for forgiveness BEFORE God will break, release and free us.
If you need prayer….message me.

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