Team Jesus or Team satan?

Whose team does it LOOK LIKE TO THE WORLD, you belong to?

You might feel offended as a Christian by that question. You shouldn’t…you should maybe feel a bit of CONVICTION, like I did.

I am not talking about who goes to church every Sunday.

I am talking about everyday actions and talk. Your daily actions, how you treat your family, how you speak to your spouse, how you act and react at your job, school and as you drive ( road rage is not a good example of a Christian).

Strangers should be able to SEE Jesus in your actions, your smile, your words.

2 thoughts on “Team Jesus or Team satan?

  1. Haahaa. Yesterday, I wasn’t a good Christian on the road. I was stuck in an intersection, right in the middle of the road. I honked real hard at a driver who was trying to let another driver in. That wasn’t nice, I was frustrated by the traffic. I needed to pick up my son from daycare. An 8 minutes drive was turning to 20 minutes. Haa. You gave me time to reflect. Still team Jesus because grace holds that ground!


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