What if Jesus walked around calling things as he saw them? “You blind men there, you stumble around and fall because you can’t see.”
“You fools, will never gain wisdom, you harlots have no hope, you little children will grow up to be just like your parents and never amount to anything.”

Thank God, the Lord teaches us in his word to SPEAK LIFE.
That the words we speak DO HOLD REAL, LIFE CHANGING POWER!


BIG FAITH = no fear

The more faith you have, the less fear you will believe. Faith and fear cannot co exist. However, you can have faith about something, but fear something else. The key in living a fearless life, is to increase your faith in God’s word.

Where there is faith, fear dissipates. But where we allow fear to plant its seed, take root and grow ; faith dies.

None of us want kill our faith, yet we do it daily, when we listen to anything that contradicts the word of God, the promises He gives us.

It’s so easy to slip into old habits of fear and doubt, when we look with our human eyes, instead of our spiritual ones.

I did this just yesterday, when I asked a friend to pray for a continued situation that God already has been moving in. She asked me why I was doubting that God had the situation still? (gulp)

YES, when we keep praying for the same thing, as if the bad that happened before will happen again if we don’t keep after God, it shows our fear and lack of faith in Him! What a put down to our ALL POWERFUL FATHER!

Instead, we need to Praise Him and Thank Him for what He is doing! When God answers our prayers, He isn’t doing it to PLEASE US, He is doing it, because we finally got on board with HIM!

So, no matter what the situation looks like, God Always Finishes what He starts! He doesnt need us to keep praying for what He is doing… He asks us to PRAISE HIM FOR WHAT HE IS DOING!