Forgiveness is like Fresh Snow.

New snowfalls cover EVERYTHING white, clean, fresh and beautiful.

Just like FORGIVENESS covers us white, clean, fresh and beautiful.

We are NEW creatures in Him. We are Cleansed, we are fresh and beautiful in God’s eyes.

When we accept Jesus Christ’s forgiveness, we then must forgive others. We are CALLED to walk in forgiveness.

Forgiving is a CHOICE and an ACTION.

When we choose to forgive those who have hurt and wronged us, or our family, we are cleansing ourselves to be PURE as the fresh fallen snow.

Forgiving brings the one doing the forgiving, Peace, Joy, Health, Happiness and Blessings.

Walking in forgiveness is FREEDOM.

God can work in our lives quickly and smoothly when we are walking the path of Forgiveness.




Love must start in our home

Those who know me, would rightly agree ” I love my family.”

But what maybe they don’t know, is I am not very good at showing my love to them.

Sure, I hug them and tell them ” I love you.” I do things for them, I buy them things.

But what I don’t do much of, or very well, is listen to them. Ask if they are “ok”? Or how they are doing or feeling.

It’s not that I don’t care. I just have always been more focused on what I should be doing for the world, for God. Which really has been ” how many books can I get published.” ” How much success can I grow in this business or that.”

Friends think I am “successful” because of what I have accomplished in my life. But, I woke up today asking myself “how successful am I at loving my family the way God loves them?”

The answer was; not as well as I need to. If I can’t or don’t show my family the same love God has for me, for the world and for them, how did I ever think I could help win them to Christ?

I lack patience, compassion and forgiveness towards my family. When my oldest son was a teenager and he would take the Lord’s name in vain…I would slap him across the face.

The Lord spoke to my heart and showed me, He doesn’t need me to fight for Him. He can handle that. I am ONLY called to love my family, even when they swear. My slapping my son’s face, didn’t stop him from taking the Lord’s name in vain.

I woke up from a dream that I shared with one of my prayer partners this morning. She gave me a Spiritual interpretation and from there, the Lord was able to open my eyes to how I have been showing His love and forgiveness to everyone except my family.

This hurt, it was tough to hear, but very true. I mentor women who have unforgiveness, so this was something I have needed to realize and change.

My Hope in sharing this, is to help anyone who like myself, hasn’t been loving their family the way God wants them to.

I am a work in progress and this is going to be my focus for 2020…show my family God’s love.

#peace #forgive #godsgrace #loveyourfamilyfirst

We are Enough!

God says we are the clay and He is the potter. Wouldn’t that suffice to say, we are enough, just the way we are right now, in this very moment?

We don’t have to become something, in order for God to use us. We are enough, right now.

We all have our ” issues” that make us believe we have to change in order to be the person God wants us to be. God knows all our problems, faults, lack…and yet, He still can use us, exactly as we are.

God has been molding us, since birth. He has watched us go through life’s ups and downs and painful times, knowing it is part of the molding process. God has been working in our lives, guiding and redirecting our path as needed.

To be used by God, all we have to do, is SURRENDER. Surrender our hearts to Him, and He will make us ready, right now, as we are.

Stop trying and focus on Him. He has everything we will ever need to walk out our Life Purpose.


What if Jesus walked around calling things as he saw them? “You blind men there, you stumble around and fall because you can’t see.”
“You fools, will never gain wisdom, you harlots have no hope, you little children will grow up to be just like your parents and never amount to anything.”

Thank God, the Lord teaches us in his word to SPEAK LIFE.
That the words we speak DO HOLD REAL, LIFE CHANGING POWER!


BIG FAITH = no fear

The more faith you have, the less fear you will believe. Faith and fear cannot co exist. However, you can have faith about something, but fear something else. The key in living a fearless life, is to increase your faith in God’s word.

Where there is faith, fear dissipates. But where we allow fear to plant its seed, take root and grow ; faith dies.

None of us want kill our faith, yet we do it daily, when we listen to anything that contradicts the word of God, the promises He gives us.

It’s so easy to slip into old habits of fear and doubt, when we look with our human eyes, instead of our spiritual ones.

I did this just yesterday, when I asked a friend to pray for a continued situation that God already has been moving in. She asked me why I was doubting that God had the situation still? (gulp)

YES, when we keep praying for the same thing, as if the bad that happened before will happen again if we don’t keep after God, it shows our fear and lack of faith in Him! What a put down to our ALL POWERFUL FATHER!

Instead, we need to Praise Him and Thank Him for what He is doing! When God answers our prayers, He isn’t doing it to PLEASE US, He is doing it, because we finally got on board with HIM!

So, no matter what the situation looks like, God Always Finishes what He starts! He doesnt need us to keep praying for what He is doing… He asks us to PRAISE HIM FOR WHAT HE IS DOING!