God is waiting for us…

I often hear people say ” I have been waiting for God to heal me or deliver me from (whatever) for 5, 15, 30 years.

I cringe inside, because while everything does happen in God’s perfect timing. I myself don’t believe God would have his children suffering for 5, 15, or 30 years. I believe He answers His children rapidly. We need to pursue that answer. And we need to ASK HIM ” Lord, what do you need from me? What should I be DOING?”

We also need to LISTEN, if that answer is “No, or I am doing it this way.” I believe alot ( not all) but alot of people who are *waiting* on God for something, are using that as an excuse to DO NOTHING. While it is important to wait on God for an answer, I don’t believe MY HEAVENLY FATHER would have me sit and wait on something He had different plans for. He would have me USE whatever I was going through to help others.

I was Blessed this past year to have co authored a book where I share my personal story around my mom’s untimely death. The book is called ” When God says No.” God didnt exactly say “No,” when we asked Him to heal my mom. He did indeed heal her. He took her home to Heaven, where she is completely healed.

God often is waiting on us to BE ready or GET ready. He also needs us to ACTIVELY LISTEN to what we need to be doing while we wait. I know far too many suffering Christians who are sitting at home alone, wallowing in their * waiting* instead of listening, learning or growing to BE READY for what God is WAITING to do in their life.

4 thoughts on “God is waiting for us…

  1. How do you reconcile what you are saying with the Apostle Paul’s thorn that was never removed (2 Corinthians 12:7-10)? Sometimes God does not remove the thorn and we must submit to His will anyway. I have been suffering from Celiac Disease for 8 years. If I listen to what you are saying, then I would think it is my fault or I am doing something wrong and that is why I’m not healed, and that is just not true. I am submitting to His will and serving Him despite the suffering. He is using me within the suffering instead of choosing to take the suffering. God has a will. May His will be done. His grace is sufficient. Grace and peace to you.


    1. You are one of those who isnt sitting doing nothing, waiting. You are sharing God’s word, which helps others. I was talking about those who do NOTHING, but complain and SAY ” I have been waiting to be healed for 30 years….”
      I also said in my writing that sometimes the answer is No, which would be in Apostle Paul’s case and my own for Tourettes Syndrome, migraines and Gluten intolerance.
      I apologize if my writing gave you the feeling that your suffering is your own fault. That was not my intention, nor my words.
      Peace to you.

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      1. You said you believe that God wouldn’t have a believer suffer long term, but that is not true. Sometimes we suffer long term in God’s will. You also said you believe that God answers rapidly, but that is not true. His timing is not our timing and many times His answer is not rapid. Even if I was having a hard time in the waiting and doing nothing, that has no bearing on the healing. As you said, sometimes the answer is no. And it is no whether we are doing something or not. There are plenty of people in the Bible who suffered long term and were never healed. You can cringe if you want to, but sometimes God allows us to suffer long term and sometimes He doesn’t answer rapidly.
        I would be careful about thinking people are using their pain or disease as an excuse. I wouldn’t judge believers who are suffering like that. Many people are suffering so badly it is all they can do just to hang on. The first few years of my suffering were torturous and all I could do was hang on to Jesus. I wasn’t out here preaching on a blog every day. It wasn’t an excuse, I was fighting to stay alive. If you believe that God says “No” sometimes, then that doesn’t line up with your belief that He wouldn’t have you suffer long term. If His answer is “No” and it is in His will for you to suffer long term, then that is what will happen. Blessings


      2. What I should say, is God has always answered me, personally, rather quickly. Sometimes that answer is * Wait and Pray* , *Wait and Rejoice*, *Wait and Share My Mercy.*
        I know many * Christians who say they are * waiting on God to heal them, INSTEAD of sharing Him with others, they don’t rejoice or even pray. THOSE are the people I am talking about.
        I was Blessed by the Lord with the gift of healing and deliverance when I was baptized in the Holy Spirit. I have seen MANY HEALED and SET FREE….its my purpose to share with others that still GOD HEALS TODAY.


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