Christmas blessings to ALL!

This year, I only mailed out 30 Christmas cards. The usual amount was 150 or more! I decided to cut my list. I used to send cards to get cards! But, I didn’t talk to some of the people I sent them too in decades!

It got my to thinking about Religion and Relationships. Religion is steeped in rituals, same as my sending cards to get them.

The Lord spoke to my heart and reminded me in my heart I am a relationship person. I love to reach out to people and build a friendship, a Godship, or simply a blessing.

Talking, or even sending messages back and forth IS more personal than sending a Christmas card. I took a picture of the card I shared here, and sent it in messages to 100 people! I have some 2k or more Facebook friends. But I asked the Lord to show me whom, to send it to. The conversations I have had, the blessings, the power of God, that I was able to share, and hear about, was amazing! I truly feel, I connected to people’s heart and spirit.

God wants the same thing from us! He doesn’t care that you go to church three times a week, or that you lead the worship team or even that you pastor a church, if you don’t have a personal connection ( relationship) with Him!

It truly is all about relationship not religion or rituals! This Christmas, reach out and connect to your family, friends and those you don’t know! Spread the Lord’s love!

2019 was my toughest year to date! Maybe because it was 6 months of spiritual warfare, and prayer. Maybe because I also went through two surgeries in 2019. But the restoration, healing and spiritual growth was worth it!

If we keep our eyes on the spiritual and not only on the natural, we really would count it all joy! The devil comes to kill, steal and destroy, but God! But God brings us restoration, peace, hope and love.

Blessed 2020!

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