I Went to Costco near me the other day. The spirit of fear was so thick, it made me nauseous. Now, publicly I know it would only get me looks and maybe arrested if I had started to VERBALLY and LOUDLY cast out the spirit of fear. But, I still have the POWER, as do you, to SPEAK OVER THAT SPIRIT IN PRAYER!

So, that’s what I did, as I walked by people. I said under my breathe ” Spirit of fear be cast down, you have no power here. Holy Spirit you are the ONLY Spirit welcomed here!” ” The spiritual blood of Jesus cover this place, these people, their minds in Jesus name!”

Share what prayers you have been praying in this current situation our world is facing. Which prayers do we NEED to ALWAYS pray? I believe we need to call on the Blood of Jesus to cover our towns, our homes, our thoughts, what we read, listen to and WHAT WE SPEAK!

Here is my personal prayer; ( one of them) Dear Heavenly Father I ask that you continue to use this pandemic to bring people to YOU! I thank you Lord, for using this time to Teach and Reach us! To bring us under your AUTHORITY and PROTECTION. To WAKE and SHAKE us up to YOUR POWER! I thank you for your MERCY and GRACE bringing our prodigal sons and daughters HOME (back to you Lord). Amen.

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