Gonna be Free to be ME!

Do you feel you are free to be yourself most of the time? Or do you feel like you should be a certain way, act a certain way around different people?

I am learning not to do that anymore. As a child, I was told how to act, respond, and how to behave. Now, I believe good behavior is nice, but kids NEED to have outlets to express themselves. To grow, learn and just BE.

I have discovered my inner child was stunted, not allowed to grow and learn from my own mistakes. Mistakes were looked down upon growing up. Mistakes are part of growing and learning. If you stop growing and learning… you die.

Emotionally I was crippled. I wouldn’t cry when I needed or wanted to. Crying was a sign of weakness. Weakness was considered a bad thing.

I am done with that type of living… which is not living at all….

I am ready to BE ME….

Be yourself… if people get bothered by it… so what… their problem… not yours.

One of my favorite quotes is “What others think of you… is none of your business!”