Sitting outside enjoying the sunshine and God’ master piece of nature….and along comes an annoying bee.
I am not scared of bee’s …and yes I have been stung many times in life….
The bee buzzing around me, reminds me of the devil…he is annoying, he can stung you and it hurts for a time…short time…but most the time he just bugs you, by interrupting your peace, causes you to move and try to get away from him, taking your focus off God.

This bee, just like the devil…is so small compared to GOD…..
God is VAST and can be EVERYWHERE AT ONCE….
The devil doesn’t have that POWER….so he sends his demons out to bug people.
God not only can and does send angels, He also gave us His Holy Spirit to live within us…..
We are SO PROTECTED BY GOD from the devil.

We need to WALK without FEAR, ANXIETY or WORRY of any kind!!!!

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