About Sara

Sara Schroeder is a Christian Life Coach, Speaker, and Author.

She started writing Christian Romance for young adults in 2012, with her very first book ; “Twisted Hearts”. Sara went on to write “Twisted Minds” and coming in the fall of 2018 is “Twisted Souls.” Her first  *adult* Christian romance “A Chance to Love Again” just hit Amazon August 2018.

She has co authored two Amazon best sellers “When God Says No” and “Hearing God’s voice above the chaos.”

Sara has also written two journals “Born Worthy” and “Pray, Praise and Rejoice” prayer journal.

6 thoughts on “About Sara

  1. I would like to say thank you for all your inspiration , you really helped my sister Gina & now your helping me and I love reading all your things and all the workouts you put up , and I fall back , I always know that i’ll see something from you that will pick me back up , So thank you !!

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  2. SARA! This is Donna Krueger, (WABEDO) and I just learned about your wonderful talent for writing. Talked with Leeann and she mentioned it. How wonderful to be able to express your self in such a meaningful way. I will definitely pick up one. Hope you’re having a great summer. Donna


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