Last night I had a dream…
I was was walking outside in a crowded area and a man (who I sensed was evil) bumped into me, causing me to drop my purse and all the contents spilled out.
I quickly grabbed my billfold (my life) and everything else as quickly as I could.
He was kneeling down in front of me, with a sneer on his face. I then noticed I had a weapon…a gun was laying on the ground (it was mine, but it was a pellet pistol) <- remember it’s a dream so nothing is impossible.
Next to the gun was a baggie with the bullets (pellets) inside.
As I grabbed the gun and the baggie clutching my purse to my chest…I ran into a building….
The man dissappeared….but this message stuck with me after I woke up;

So many of us have our weapons but they aren’t loaded and ready to use against evil.

I took this to mean…We have the Bible, we know scriptures…but maybe we aren’t prepared to protect ourselves against evil…
A HUGE part of having our weapon loaded would be the power of our words…the power of prayer. Actually speaking those scriptures outloud against the devil.

If the devil showed his face to you RIGHT NOW IN THIS MOMENT…What would be your first instinct?
Now…take what you just said or thought…and ask yourself…Do I do this when the devil attacks my health, my family, my business, my ministry, my finances?

Now…understand this…the devil is sneaky…he isn’t going to waltz in showing his true self…he knows if he did, you would defeat him. He is going to continue with what works….
Coming at you , attacking your health, your kids ( getting in trouble at school or being disrespectful at home) your husbands job, your marriage, your finances…even through your own friends and family.

Causing division between you all…over sports ( not a big deal) but then over politics and the vaccine…soon families and friends aren’t speaking to one another because of those things!
Tell me I am wrong?
I wish you could….

There are those of us who are standing on the Word using it against the devil and his division in the world today!

Part of having our weapon loaded against the devil…is knowing it’s HIM BEHIND ALL THIS….
Don’t take aim at one another over what Satan is doing!

Stand in agreement with me that eyes will be opened to the devils ploys…to the fear he is instilling in the world.
Fear, worry, strife, family and friends not speaking due to politics and everything going on in the world right now is NOT FROM GOD….
Faith, assurance in Our Heavenly Fathers protection, healing and restoration is!
Can I get an AMEN?

Gonna be Free to be ME!

Do you feel you are free to be yourself most of the time? Or do you feel like you should be a certain way, act a certain way around different people?

I am learning not to do that anymore. As a child, I was told how to act, respond, and how to behave. Now, I believe good behavior is nice, but kids NEED to have outlets to express themselves. To grow, learn and just BE.

I have discovered my inner child was stunted, not allowed to grow and learn from my own mistakes. Mistakes were looked down upon growing up. Mistakes are part of growing and learning. If you stop growing and learning… you die.

Emotionally I was crippled. I wouldn’t cry when I needed or wanted to. Crying was a sign of weakness. Weakness was considered a bad thing.

I am done with that type of living… which is not living at all….

I am ready to BE ME….

Be yourself… if people get bothered by it… so what… their problem… not yours.

One of my favorite quotes is “What others think of you… is none of your business!”


I Went to Costco near me the other day. The spirit of fear was so thick, it made me nauseous. Now, publicly I know it would only get me looks and maybe arrested if I had started to VERBALLY and LOUDLY cast out the spirit of fear. But, I still have the POWER, as do you, to SPEAK OVER THAT SPIRIT IN PRAYER!

So, that’s what I did, as I walked by people. I said under my breathe ” Spirit of fear be cast down, you have no power here. Holy Spirit you are the ONLY Spirit welcomed here!” ” The spiritual blood of Jesus cover this place, these people, their minds in Jesus name!”

Share what prayers you have been praying in this current situation our world is facing. Which prayers do we NEED to ALWAYS pray? I believe we need to call on the Blood of Jesus to cover our towns, our homes, our thoughts, what we read, listen to and WHAT WE SPEAK!

Here is my personal prayer; ( one of them) Dear Heavenly Father I ask that you continue to use this pandemic to bring people to YOU! I thank you Lord, for using this time to Teach and Reach us! To bring us under your AUTHORITY and PROTECTION. To WAKE and SHAKE us up to YOUR POWER! I thank you for your MERCY and GRACE bringing our prodigal sons and daughters HOME (back to you Lord). Amen.

The Heart of Jesus

If you died today, what would people say about your life?

When I die, I don’t want people to say I had a heart for Jesus. I would rather they say I had the heart of Jesus.

I want to have His heart for people. I want to live with a giving heart and a forgiving one.

I want my actions to speak louder than the words I write or speak.

How do you want others to think of your life?


Don’t just give your heart to Jesus….give Him AUTHORITY OVER your heart and your mind, body, marriage, spouse, children, finances, health…EVERYTHING!
We often ask for healing, help with our marriage, our finances, our troubled teens.
Let’s also give the Lord AUTHORITY over EVERY Area of our lives.
Speak it out loud…” Lord, I give you authority over my health, ( mental, physical and spiritual) my spouse (current or future one) my finances, my children, my grandchildren. My words, my thoughts, my mind, my actions….”


God is the Lord of all…even common sense.

I had someone message me to say, the reason they don’t follow God is because He expects so much and He seems so bossy and controlling. They don’t like being told what to do.

I replied ” Do you have children?”

” Yes.” They answered.

” Do you have rules to keep them safe?” ” Do you tell them what time to go to bed, be home by?”

” Of course, they are children, they haven’t developed common sense yet.”

” Does the bible not call believers the children of God?”

” Well, yes, but.”

“Are we born with spiritual sense?” ” Do we KNOW the future, like God does?”


” Enough said.”

We ALL have rules in life, when we drive, at work, school and at home. These rules are meant to train and protect us.

My Christmas Poem

It’s not about the food, candy or the toys.
It is about the manger and the birth of a baby boy.
It’s not about religion, rituals or even traditions.
It is about our relationships and our spiritual condition.
It’s not about who goes to church and who sings in the choir.
It is about our eternal home and living out what God desires.
It’s not about how good we are and our trying to behave.
It is about Gods gift of his son, our very souls to save.


Christmas blessings to ALL!

This year, I only mailed out 30 Christmas cards. The usual amount was 150 or more! I decided to cut my list. I used to send cards to get cards! But, I didn’t talk to some of the people I sent them too in decades!

It got my to thinking about Religion and Relationships. Religion is steeped in rituals, same as my sending cards to get them.

The Lord spoke to my heart and reminded me in my heart I am a relationship person. I love to reach out to people and build a friendship, a Godship, or simply a blessing.

Talking, or even sending messages back and forth IS more personal than sending a Christmas card. I took a picture of the card I shared here, and sent it in messages to 100 people! I have some 2k or more Facebook friends. But I asked the Lord to show me whom, to send it to. The conversations I have had, the blessings, the power of God, that I was able to share, and hear about, was amazing! I truly feel, I connected to people’s heart and spirit.

God wants the same thing from us! He doesn’t care that you go to church three times a week, or that you lead the worship team or even that you pastor a church, if you don’t have a personal connection ( relationship) with Him!

It truly is all about relationship not religion or rituals! This Christmas, reach out and connect to your family, friends and those you don’t know! Spread the Lord’s love!

2019 was my toughest year to date! Maybe because it was 6 months of spiritual warfare, and prayer. Maybe because I also went through two surgeries in 2019. But the restoration, healing and spiritual growth was worth it!

If we keep our eyes on the spiritual and not only on the natural, we really would count it all joy! The devil comes to kill, steal and destroy, but God! But God brings us restoration, peace, hope and love.

Blessed 2020!

What have you taught yourself?

Last winter was a very long, cold and snow filled one! I was also going through a spiritual battle, and needed to fill my days. I wanted to create something.

I played with knitting, until one of my cats wanted to play too! So, I could only knit when she was asleep in the other room.

I started looking on pinterest and found some really cute animals that said they were wool needle felted. I googled it. I watched a video. I placed an order through Amazon and excitedly waited for a kit to arrive, plus some extra wool.

The day the kit came, I felt like a kid on Christmas morning! It was a red fox and appeared easy enough.

When I was finished, it looked nothing like the picture on the box. I was so bummed. I sat there and started stabbing ( that’s part of the process) my extra wool, all the while turning it. I looked for a picture to copy on pinterest and found several. I work with what I had and it turned out better than the kit!

I ordered more wool and needles. I spent my winter stabbing wool until it formed whatever I was creating. I contacted a local gallery/store that displays local artists. I asked what she thought of my wool felted animals. She loved them and had never heard of it before. I kept creating and by the time I went to meet her at the gallery, in March, I had a good amount to display.

I made a few turtles, as the town near me, does turtle racing every Wednesday all summer long. My turtles where selling quickly, so I made more.

This winter, I am making one hundred turtles so the gallery can keep them in stock.

I also make bears, owls, dogs, cats, trees and more. I started asking a few friends if I could practice by looking at a picture of their pet. I am happy to say, they all loved them and asked to buy them. I had told them, since it was practice, they could just pay shipping.

Share with me something you taught yourself to do.

Above is my second ever polar bear.

Prayer Partner

God brought myself and a strong, spiritual woman together online this past year, just when He knew I needed one.

She has become my Spiritual Warfare Prayer partner, sister in Christ and friend.

We confess our sins, we pray and uplift one another. We rebuke one another’s lack of faith, in situations and we give God the glory of the miracles He has done and continues to do in each of our lives.

Therefore Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” James 5:6

Though we have never met (yet), our Spiritual bond is Strong!

I used to go it alone, before God brought this woman into my life. I thank God for her and for what is to come in both her and I’s walk and ministry’s.

I encourage everyone who reads this, to pray for the Lord to send you a Prayer partner. I believe it’s His will for those whose spouse may not be that in your life.

Matthew 18:20 ” For where two or three gather together in My name, there I am with them. “

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