BIG FAITH = no fear

The more faith you have, the less fear you will believe. Faith and fear cannot co exist. However, you can have faith about something, but fear something else. The key in living a fearless life, is to increase your faith in God’s word.

Where there is faith, fear dissipates. But where we allow fear to plant its seed, take root and grow ; faith dies.

None of us want kill our faith, yet we do it daily, when we listen to anything that contradicts the word of God, the promises He gives us.

It’s so easy to slip into old habits of fear and doubt, when we look with our human eyes, instead of our spiritual ones.

I did this just yesterday, when I asked a friend to pray for a continued situation that God already has been moving in. She asked me why I was doubting that God had the situation still? (gulp)

YES, when we keep praying for the same thing, as if the bad that happened before will happen again if we don’t keep after God, it shows our fear and lack of faith in Him! What a put down to our ALL POWERFUL FATHER!

Instead, we need to Praise Him and Thank Him for what He is doing! When God answers our prayers, He isn’t doing it to PLEASE US, He is doing it, because we finally got on board with HIM!

So, no matter what the situation looks like, God Always Finishes what He starts! He doesnt need us to keep praying for what He is doing… He asks us to PRAISE HIM FOR WHAT HE IS DOING!

Give us what YOU want for us LORD!

How often when we pray, do we ask God “Give me what YOU WANT ME TO HAVE,” “Give me what you KNOW I NEED.”
I was laying in bed this morning praying and I started out asking like this… “Lord, I need______” “Please give me_______. “Help me with ______.”

The Lord showed me a better way to pray “Lord give me what you KNOW I NEED, what YOU have and want for me. “THANK YOU FOR MEETING ALL MY NEEDS AND CHANGING ALL OF MY WANTS TO WHAT YOU WANT FOR ME.” Thank you for making me the wife you want me to be for my husband, the mother you want me to be for my children, the nana you want me to be for my grandchildren, the friend you want me to be, the neighbor you want me to be….

Then THANK HIM for just being HIM!
How often do we forget what a LOVING GOD WE HAVE? A Heavenly Father that is 1,000 more than the very best earthly father. Our personal best friend, we can share our darkest moments with and He still LOVES us and FORGIVES us!

Today my prayer is for everyone in this group and their families to get to KNOW GOD deeper. Get to KNOW Him in your every day life. Talk to HIm throughout your day, even if it’s just to say “Lord show me you are REAL, show yourself to me, show me you are ALWAYS RIGHT THERE BESIDE ME.”

Birthday Wishes…

Today I am fifty four years old.

WOW…just writing it looks crazy! I could mope and complain about gray hairs, memory loss, aches and pains….or I could celebrate still being ALIVE!

Three times in my life that I KNOW of, I came close to death.

Almost drowned at age eight, car accident at age eighteen and after giving birth to my first born son at age twenty four.

I choose to focus on LIFE, and celebrate my fifty four years. I have gained wisdom, faith, peace, patience and a big part of God’s purpose for my life.

I starting REALLY LIVING at age fifty! I appreciate the little things and get excited about the big things.

I embrace the learning process of going through crap and have been blessed from it.

I have learned one of life’s most valuable gifts…FORGIVENESS.

The only thing you can take with you when you die….

The saying goes “you can’t take it with you.” Which is true for everything except, LOVE. When you die, you will take love with you. The love you have for others that is in your soul.
Sometimes I forget I am not a human with a soul. This body, shell of flesh is not who I am. I am a soul living in a temporary body.
Your money, car, house, fame, status…. none of it matters when you die.
The ONLY Thing that matters on earth AND in heaven is who your Lord and Saviour is.
The realtionships you form, the strangers you bless, the enemies you forgive….how you represent Jesus Christ to others.
Love is the most important thing you can give, show and recieve on earth and in heaven.

Team Jesus or Team satan?

Whose team does it LOOK LIKE TO THE WORLD, you belong to?

You might feel offended as a Christian by that question. You shouldn’t…you should maybe feel a bit of CONVICTION, like I did.

I am not talking about who goes to church every Sunday.

I am talking about everyday actions and talk. Your daily actions, how you treat your family, how you speak to your spouse, how you act and react at your job, school and as you drive ( road rage is not a good example of a Christian).

Strangers should be able to SEE Jesus in your actions, your smile, your words.

My first Bear siting up here! I had been praying to see a bear. We have had our lakehouse in Northern Minnesota for 6 years and no bears. The neighbors have had a 6 ft bear visit their deck, but the bear only shows up after dark to eat crab apples off of the tree in our yard. My hubby and I were driving to look at a place for our oldest son, daughter in law and grands to move up here closer to us. Low and behold….along the road was this bear! We pulled over and took a few pictures of him before he went back into the woods.

You have to ASK for forgiveness…

I am feeling led to pray for CONVICTION, KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM for everyone who reads this.
I see so many who are praying for God to take away desires of drinking, porn, homosexuality, unclean thoughts and desires.

From personal experience…if you have opened up the door to drinking, porn, homosexuality, witchcraft through the use of ouji boards, astrology, partaking in watching porn, acts of homosexuality, drinking, drugs, yoga, reiki, numerology….to name a few….
Giving the devil an invitation to mess with you, your family and your life….
You need to use the weapons the Lord provided for you…..
The Bible tells us we will cast out demons.
When we open the door to unclean spirits and sin knowingly…we HAVE to have the bondage broke off of us in the name of Jesus.
Sin separates us from God…when we are separated…we are NOT UNDER GOD’S PROTECTION.

We must confess our sins and ask for forgiveness BEFORE God will break, release and free us.
If you need prayer….message me.

Finding ME!

How many women still put yourself LAST even though your kids are grown and gone?

I am asking this because I have always thought it was the “RIGHT” thing to do. I guess from the example my own mother set and then later my mother in law.

When my husband and I became empty nesters, I did a couple things I thought were just for me. I took up running (I wanted to look better). I wrote a book (I felt the need to PROVE my worth).

Then I did some inner healing work. I healed from an emotionally abusive childhood. When I shared this with family, they looked at me like I grew a third leg or something. Outside looking in, they saw a great childhood.

Now that I am healed enough to boldy post, speak and share about my emotional abuse, everyone seems to think I should be happy, content and at peace with my life.

To those on the outside looking in, I have everything a women should want. I have a great marriage (32 years) live on a lake with an amazing view in a cozy, decorated house, drive a cute car, work from home helping others heal, have written five books that I self published on Amazon. I have traveled to other countries, I have all my needs met right?

Looking on the inside of myself, I want MORE… I don’t mean more as in material things. I want more as in feeling valued, worthy, adored, cherished, important, respected and to feel like what I think ,say and feel matter.

I used to think maybe these things were missing in my marriage. But what I have discovered is it was missing within myself!

I didn’t feel important, worthy, cherished, valued, adored, respected or that what I thought, said or felt mattered.

It all stemmed from my BELIEFS that I come last. That my NEEDS, WANTS and DESIRES are supposed to come last.

In always putting myself last, I grew not just bitter and resentful, but unhappy, unworthy and sad.
Never understanding these feelings until the past year or so.

Now I am on a journey to put myself FIRST so I CAN give my happiest, worthy, self to others, without feeling bitter or resentful.

At 53 years of age, I have learned a very valuable lesson and its showing in my face, eyes, and even body.

So, if you have been taught that as a mom and wife your needs, wants and desires come last, you need to work on FILLING UP YOUR SOUL with first, so you can give from a place of total peace and contentment.FB_IMG_1551284311732