What kind of weird are you?

So this is blogging, People want to know you better, they said. Blog to build your brand, they said. Blog to get people to follow you they said. Just be yourself and write whatever you want, they said. Follow other bloggers they said.

So here I sit, searching thru blog posts and I feel about as out of place as a fish out of water. I dont write about dark depressing things, sad things, bad things, dirty things, or even scarey things. I like everyone around me to be calm, peaceful, happy, laughing, smiling and enjoying life. Is that weird? I didn’t think it was, until the world of blogging.

I do enjoy writing and expressing my thoughts to people. I like to write about positiive things. I want to help people find their inner calm, peace and happiness.

I am in the process of writing 3 books. I have self published one already 3 years ago. I tend to jump in and just swim.. not always stopping for air. So the book I self published, has alot of spelling errors among other errors. But that doesnt bother me to the extent of fixing it before writing the next book. Some day I will, if I have extra money to.

I am sure I will introduce my books in this blog… actually a short 4 chapter book on being postive is due out in an e-book any day. It will be in here to purchase. I do have a new project. I have an email list started of people I will weekly email or text to give them a weekly free positive quote. I will write the amount of people signed up so far (6) , because you should track everything, they said.


Don’t Wait or Hesitate

I turned fifty three months ago. It wasn’t a hard age to accept, at least not while getting presents, a party and funny cards. Now living life with that number in my mind… that’s where it gets tricky.

50+ 20 = 70… in twenty years, I will turn seventy. Seems impossible. Hard to wrap my head around. Not that 70 is old… its the new 60. Its just a number right?

When you start looking at your life and your goals you want to accomplish. It seems HUGE if you haven’t accomplished what you want yet. Not saying I haven’t accomplished things, because I have according to friends and family. But that’s not in my mind.

My mind is still running a list over and over… each year that passes… each month, week, day… did you do this, this and this?

I am going to start embracing the fact that 50 is my “don’t wait or hesitate” time. The time is now. There are so many places to go, things to see and do. So many people to meet and impact in a positive way.